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Many services are available to anyone regardless of financial status and are free of charge.

Some clinics have financial guidelines and reasonable fees based on the cost of providing the service.

Health Education

The Health Education program was designed to provide educational programs and be a resource to civic groups, schools, worksites, senior citizens, and anyone in the county requesting a program.

The Health Educator is responsible for writing grants for particular programs, developing and implementing programs, creating brochures and newsletters for the Stoddard County Public Health Center, and be a resource guide to all those who are seeking health-related information/services.

Below is a sample list of programs and services offered to the county residents and schools.


P.A.C.E: (People With Arthritis Can Exercise) Conducted twice a week for those 60 & over who suffer from arthritis. Classes are held at the Health Center (Bloomfield, MO) every Monday and Wednesday from 9:30A.M. to 10:30A.M.

Sex Education: Conducted in the middle schools in the county.  The classes are called "PSI" (Postponing Sexual Involvement) and last for up to three days.  Each school contacts the Health Educator to set up a time that the curriculum can be taught in their respective school.

Puberty: This program is taught at the 5th grade level.  This has become a one day program that emphasizes hygiene and body changes.

STD's: (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)  This program is conducted in grades eight and up at all the schools in the county.  The classes are usually three days long, but can be condensed to one day, or spread out to four days.

Empathy Belly Demonstration: This is a teen pregnancy class that is designed to show what it is like to be in the ninth month of pregnancy.  The belly can be attached to students and they can see how their life would change if they became pregnant.

Alcohol: This presentation can be for one day or two, and can be altered to fit any grade.  This program will describe the physical, mental/emotional and social effects of alcohol.

Tobacco: This presentation can be for one day or two, and can be altered to fit any grade.  The students will identify the physical, mental/emotional and social problems associated with tobacco use.




1st Aid & C.P.R (American Heart Association)

Sun Awareness


Ready in 3 - Emergency Preparedness

Education Library

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