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Environmental Services

Environmental Public Health Specialists are agents of the Missouri Department of Health. The Stoddard County EPHS is a Certified Environmental Health Specialist in the State of Missouri. The responsibilities of the EPHS include the following:

Inspecting restaurants, taverns, schools, senior centers, retail food establishments, daycare & lodging establishments.

Respond to questions about the private water supplies, sewage, rabies, indoor air, etc. 

Evaluate plans for septic system installations, site evaluations, & issue permits. 

Consult with homeowners & installers about septic options.

Collect private water samples upon request.  Two types of sample available:  Bacteriological & General Chemistry (also known as New Well Series).

Investigate complaints which may indicate a public health problems such as foodborne illness or sewage problems.

Conduct food schools in which food safety & sanitation is taught to food service employees. 


**Food Service Inspection results are open to the public.

**The Environmental Health Office has a variety of brochures available on the following subjects:

consumer food safety


cooking for groups


septic system maintenance


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1001 North Highway 25

Bloomfield, MO 63825

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